Coaching for your heart and your brain.

We are the stories we tell ourselves.

But that doesn’t make them the gospel truth.

With guidance and compassionate coaching, you have the power to rewire your mind and get past the mental blocks holding you back.

We are both divine and imperfect human beings just trying to do our best out here, despite all sorts of circumstances life throws at us. (Family, career, relationships, health…) And finding success doesn’t mean you are free from decision fatigue, analysis paralysis, and languishing


(I bring 20+ years of corporate experience with me as your coach, so I know. Ohhh, do I know.)

I have been in your shoes, friend. You’re my kind of people.


How I see things…

The truth is, most of us are only going through the motions of our learned behaviors to get through each day. We may stay in jobs we hate, endure toxic personal and professional relationships, and find ourselves waking up on Monday morning longing for it to be Friday. Depression, anxiety, burnout, rage seem to be on the rise…and yet.

Despite people living in all of that, we have managed to bring incredible, positive changes to our world.

Imagine what could happen if we harnessed the power within ourselves, to love, accept, and fully understand our being.

Can you imagine the potential?

Despite my own history — substance use disorder, sexual abuse, death, — I’ve always found a community of people able to reflect back to me what’s possible in my life that I couldn’t see or didn’t allow myself to see.

But to see my potential through someone else’s eyes opened new doors — doors I previously told myself I wasn’t good enough or worthy of opening.

The power of having someone in your corner who can help you uncover your strengths and live a life you barely even let yourself dream of, is immense.

One night I was paged to come into the hospital to be with a patient who would be extubated and would die. When I arrived I realized it was a patient I’d worked with previously and had developed a relationship with. As she took her final breath, I felt the room — and my own body — fill with JOY.

It was the most intense and mystical experience of my life because, at that moment, I realized we are so much more than our physical bodies.

I felt her powerful spirit of absolute love and joy fill the room, fill my being, and it changed my life. I realized that if someone can have that kind of power and influence on someone while they’re taking their last breaths, just think what we can accomplish while we’re fully here.

I am here for you.

You have but “one wild and precious life.” You deserve to curate the support you need to embrace who you really are and create a more joyful and peaceful life worthy of your dreams. 

Kelly Childress Coaching steps in to help you understand who you have become, and who you are becoming, so that you can unlock a world of possibility and make your next move.

I help you turn your gaze inward with love, to see what’s really holding you back, so you can create and live the life you’ve been yearning for.

My door is open, so please, step inside.


Other fancy-pants things that inform my life and coaching perspectives:

Board Certified Chaplain (BCC) 

M.Div (Master of Divinity)

M.A. (Bioethics)

B.A. (International Relations and Peace Studies)

“The perspective Kelly brings to her work and relationships is one of loving inquiry and compassion. There is no place for judgement in how she holds others. In my personal work with Kelly, she has helped me develop practices of self-inquiry that both guide and inform how I show up for others — spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.”

— Syd Yang

But here’s what I really know…

Change is an inside job. When you deal with what’s inside your mind and heart, you can successfully deal with your outside goals. With coaching, you will uncover a life that is fulfilling because it is authentic to who you are as a human being.

When there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to go — professionally or personally — look inside.

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